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Care4U specializes in the design,installation, administration and support of Local Area Networks (LANS),Wide Area Networks (WANS)and wireless setup(Wi-Fi)based on Microsoft's Windows 200820032000XPNT and Linux Network operating systems in Bhubaneswar.



Service providers are experiencing intensifying demand for IP services as businesses seek to boost productivity through information technology.One IP service of particular interest to service providers' corporate customers is IP-enabled “virtual"private network service (often abbreviated as IP-VPN service).With IP-VPN,a service provider connects two IP addresses located at geographically dispersed sites.These two locations thus appear to be within a private IP network.The customer experiences a private network service that connects its remote sites,even though traffic actually flows through a shared provider infrastructure.The benefits of this"virtual"connection include greaterreliability for the customer and better resource utilization for the service provider.In its simplest form,IP enabled means to seamlessly connects ites over the underlying provider network without the need for the customer to create IP connectivity between sites.Note,however,that IP enabled does not mean that the provider's underlying transport technology is router-based only indeed it can,and often will,include technologies such as AsynchronousTransferMode(ATM).


Care4U presents wireless LAN setup or Wi-Fi zone setup.We have tie-up with the major market share device provider for wireless device at any range.The wireless technology provides maximum user mobility,flexible installation, a reduced cost of ownership,excellent scalability in supports additional PCs.The wireless LAN connect to other site of network at various speed.


Wi-Fi are sweeping through municipalities,campuses and enterprises of all sizes creating abuzz of excitement and anticipation unseen in the communications are as the advent of the Internet.This disruptive technology offers exciting benefits for all.


For communities large and small Wi-Fi can help conquer the digital divide,encourage economic development,streamline public services and public safety and create a greater sense of community among residents.

The wireless LAN solution is the easiest alternative to a traditional wired network.When the wireless access point and bridge is connected to Ethernet backbone through an RJ-45 connector,the access point and bridge supports mobile users,temporary work sites,difficult to wire environments and remote access to corporate network data. For campuses   and   enterprises, Wi-Fi can improve productivity;promote communication,information sharing and collaboration; tighten security and increase safety;and improve employee and customer relations.


Our portfolio includes one ofthe most comprehensive Wi-Fi and Mesh Solutions available in the industry today.Our team of experts stands ready to assist you in effectively choosing the right technology for your application as well as delivering a comprehensive suite of services ranging from network design through installation,operation and management of your network.


Wireless Solution can be implemented:

  1. Pointto poConnectivity

  2. PointtoMultipoint Connectivity

  3. Campuswideareadistribution

  4. Wireless LANNetwork

  5. Largecampusesorpremisesextensions

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